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Aaron Shoemaker is an up and coming entrepreneur looking to show the world his personal touch with regards to cinematography, travel journalism, and video production. His company, Wanderlost Productions, has been founded with the purpose of providing viewers the highest quality content; whether camping, exploring, or capturing footage of beautiful places, Aaron is determined to preserve the exquisite nature of the world around the best way he knows--through his camera lenses. 

After focusing on an intense bachelors of science in Pre-integrative medicine, Aaron has become well versed in the fields of hard science and math, but as far as life skills... lets just say, he has room for growth.


With school behind him for the time being, he had a few options: he could return to school and continue working towards a medical career, blindly continuing on with a system towards which he has become comfortable and compliant. He could settle into a 9-5 job somewhere and create a comfortable lifestyle for himself, or...?


He could do something completely crazy and life-changing. 


And so began Wanderlost. this is a concept that embodies a persons need for growth and self-discovery. Let this be encouragement to you that no matter how lost you are in life, it is never too late to find yourself. 







Wanderlost: About the Author. (Photo Credit to Lilith Shoemaker)
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